Steam Store's experimental new features to help you find your next favorite game

Steam Labs
(Image credit: Valve)

As the proprietor of the Steam Store, it’s Valve’s job to help you find the games you’re looking for – a job that’s easier starting today with the introduction of three new experimental features that are part of Valve’s new Steam Labs collection. 

In more or less words, Steam Labs is a collection of new experimental features that Valve wants to test before rolling it out to everyone with Steam installed on their computer. 

The three features released today are called Micro Trailers, Interactive Recommender and Automatic Show. Micro Trailers is pretty self-explanatory and will show you short six-second clips of games on the Steam Store, while the Automatic Show compiles a bunch of trailers from Steam’s most popular games and shows them to you in one oversized, 25-minute sizzle trailer.

Interactive Recommender is probably the most interesting of the experimental features Valve released today as it allows you to play around with Steam’s recommendation algorithm. You can change the algorithm to show you more of what’s popular or more niche, allowing you to find some games that might not have otherwise floated to the top of your recommended games list. 

All the features are available to test out starting today and, if all goes well, could potentially become part of the main Steam app sometime down the road.

Nick Pino

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