Sony's 2022 LCD 4K TVs are now available, including its first mini-LED TV

Sony Z9K Master Series 8K TV
(Image credit: Sony)

Sony’s much anticipated new line up of LCD TVs have finally hit retailers, with the 2022 range including the Japanese tech giant’s first models that feature mini-LED tech.

As the name suggests, mini-LED displays use smaller light-emitting diodes than those found on regular LED panels. This means far more of them can be fitted into the screen, allowing for a whole new level of brightness and contrast we haven’t seen on a Sony LCD TV before.

Topping out the range is the Master Series Z9K, Sony’s 8K flagship for 2022, which features both a mini-LED panel and the company’s XR Backlight Master Drive tech which according to the company, provides hugely impressive contrast along with true deep blacks, with higher peak luminance and less blooming. The Z9K also includes Sony's Cognitive Processor XR, its revised AI image processing tech which was introduced with last year’s high-end models.

The Sony Master Series Z9K 8K Mini-LED TV comes in at $9,999 / £8,499 for the 85-inch model and $6,999 / £6,799 for the 75-inch variant.

One rung further down Sony’s premium LED range for 2022 is the Sony X95K Mini-LED TV. This set also uses mini-LED tech, alongside Backlight Master Drive dimming and the Cognitive Processor XR, but is a 4K resolution panel rather than 8K, and comes in a fair bit cheaper at $5,499 / £5,499 for the 85-inch, while the 75-inch comes in at $3,799 / £3,499 and the smaller 65-inch model is priced at $2,799 / £TBC.

The new lineup also includes an array of mid-range 4K models which don’t feature mini-LED displays, and serve as the replacements for last year's well-regarded Sony X90J and X80J TVs. The new X90K boasts full-array local dimming while the X85K and X80K 4K LED TVs lines utilize less advanced local dimming zones, with all three lines featuring Variable Refresh Rate tech.

The Z9K, X95K, X90K and X85K will also all support 4K 120Hz over HDMI 2.1 – expect them all the challenge the best gaming TVs.

All of Sony's 2022 models come with the firm’s redesigned and refined remote control and run Google TV (with Android 10) while also boasting a wide range of streaming options, including support for AirPlay 2, Chromecast, and Sony’s own Bravia Core. 

Sony Bravia X90K 4K UltraHD Full-Array LED smart TV

(Image credit: Sony)

Analysis: Sony’s new lines could be mini marvels to rival OLED

While the likes of Samsung and TCL have been quick out of the blocks with TVs featuring mini-LED backlighting, Sony has bided its time coming to market with sets featuring the tech.

Early reports suggest the firm may have been wise waiting for the tech to mature, with initial hands-on opinions suggesting the X95K delivers deeper blacks to rival the performance of OLED TVs, with higher brightness

Sony’s non-mini-LED sets for 2022 also look set to pack a punch – we awarded the X90J 4.5 out of 5 stars when we reviewed it last year, rating as one of the best mid-range 4K TVs money could buy, so we have high hopes for the revised and affordable X90K, X85K and X80K. They're likely to challenge for a spot in our list of the best 4K TVs if they deliver Sony's usual bang for buck.

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