Sony launches new lineup of 4K HDR capable 'X Series' Smart TVs

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Sony (opens in new tab) is at the forefront of TV technology, as we all know. The company has furthered its lineup earlier today with a bunch of Smart TVs (opens in new tab) in the lineup. The company is touting superior 4K HDR (opens in new tab) performance of these new TVs, which will no doubt be extensively used for marketing these products. 

The TVs come equipped with the “X1 Extreme” chip inside meant specifically for 4K HDR performance. The company has used this particular chip on older TVs as well, but products featuring this particular hardware are now more widely available in India. 

The company also talks about Slim Backlight Drive+ and X-tended Dynamic Range PRO, helping the TVs maintain a slender exterior while offering beautiful contrast, brightness, color, and depth. Some of these features are limited to a handful of models in the new X series.

All new TVs in Sony’s lineup come with Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box, giving users the best Smart TV experience. Given the arrival of multiple streaming services in the country, Sony is offering dedicated keys to Netflix, Google Play Store, and YouTube on its smart remotes. While the Netflix button can be found on all variants, some models alternate between the Google Play Store and YouTube. 

Sony will be launching the 65 and 55-inch variants of the X9500E, and the 49-inch X7002E model on June 20 for an unknown price tag. The 43-inch X7002E, X9300E, X9000E, and the X8200E are already available in the market with prices ranging from Rs 72,900 to Rs 3,64,900. The X7500E series, along with the 65 and 55-inch X7002E are listed as coming soon. 

All the TVs listed here will be available from leading retailers and Sony Centers across India.