Some Surface Pros reportedly suffer from bouts of random hibernation

Microsoft’s new Surface Pro has only been on sale for a week, but already there are reports of an issue affecting some users whereby the hybrid device is seemingly randomly going into hibernate mode, or in some cases completely powering off.

It’s not clear how many Surface Pro hybrids are affected, and it’s likely to be a slim minority given the fact that we haven’t seen any major blow-up around this. But that said, there are certainly a number of folks reporting this issue on both Reddit and Microsoft’s own support forums.

Some users say that they’ve been happily typing away on their Surface, only to have the screen suddenly go black at apparently random times, with the 2-in-1 entering hibernation (this doesn’t appear to be any kind of overheating issue, at least given the feedback posted).

Other users have observed this hibernation bug, and have also witnessed their machine turning itself off completely on occasion. Whatever the case, these sort of interruptions are obviously going to be a major frustration that folks could well do without.

Factory fix?

One Surface Pro owner suffering at the hands of this glitch contacted Microsoft, and the firm suggested resetting the device to factory default settings. Of course, this isn’t guaranteed to work for everyone, and at any rate it isn’t an ideal solution as it will obviously nuke everything on your device. But nonetheless this somewhat drastic solution appears to have done the trick thus far – at least for a couple of days in this user’s case.

Apparently Microsoft is looking into the issue, so hopefully there will be an easy fix for those who do seem to be affected by this bugbear.

We’ve contacted Microsoft to try and glean some further information about what might cause this problem, and whether there might be a patch in the pipeline soon. We’ll update this story if we hear anything back from the company.

Via: MS Power User

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