Carbonite offers new way to back-up online

Carbonite has launched a new version of its automated online back-up software for PCs. It’s a service which automatically backs up all your files on an online server so you never have to worry about losing your stuff. And this new version has more features than ever before.

With web speeds increasing all the time, online back-up of all your files has become a genuine option for many people. Other than the big initial upload, the service chugs away silently in the background, uploading new files as they are created. This is why Carbonite has now backed up more than 2.5 billion files and restored more than 160 million files for clients.

One of the new features is what Carbonite calls ‘File Versioning’. It saves a new version of a file every time you change it, so if you accidentally delete the content of a powerpoint presentation and save it, you can restore your previous version.

Online file back-up

Likewise, if you delete a file completely, it can easily be restored as Carbonite holds on to all deleted files for three months just in case. This can be manually changed for sensitive fiels that you may perhaps want to be deleted completely.

Another new feature enables you to schedule your back-ups. This means that instead of using bandwidth while you’re trying to use the web, you can tell the software to update in the middle of the night or whenever you’re going to be away from your PC.

For £25 a year, Carbonite customers get unlimited storage on the online servers.

James Rivington

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