Skype can now record voice and video calls


In a move that'll delight podcasters, journalists and other content creators, Skype now allows call recording. Microsoft has rolled the update out to all platforms (both desktop and mobile) except Windows 10, which will receive the new feature within a few weeks.

Recorded calls are stored in the cloud for 30 days, and are available for all participants to download as MP4 files. It's also possible to share recordings using Skype's chat feature.

On the record

Rules on recording calls vary between territories – even within countries. In some US states, for example, all participants in the call have to give their consent, but in others only one person has to give permission. If you're calling someone in a state with different laws, things get even more complicated.

Microsoft has decided to play it as safe. As soon as you start recording a Skype call, all participants will be notified. If it's a video call, it will record video from everyones webcam, plus any screens that are shared.

You need to be more careful in the EU, though. Calls are likely in include personal information (even if it's just names), which means they're covered by the recent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Not only will you need permission to record a call, you'll need a good reason for doing so, and it'll be your responsibility to take good care of the data and only hold it for as long as you need it.

Provided you stick to the rules, Skype call recording could be extremely handy. Just make sure you're up to speed with the laws in your area, and where your participants have dialled in from.

Cat Ellis

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