Sky Q now has games you can play between TV shows

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You can now play games on Sky Q using your remote control with the new PlayWorks app, it's been announced. You can play 20 free games right now, which include classics like Tetris, Solitaire and Mahjong, as well as games that previously exploded on mobile like Crossy Road and Doodle Jump. 

You don't need to install these games to play them, and the loading times are very short, based on our brief hands-on experience with PlayWorks.

Sky characterizes them as 'time-fillers' while you're waiting for your next show to start. Hey, it's no Call of Duty: Warzone, but it is a way to get more from your Sky Q experience, and the games are deliberately designed to be family-friendly. Since they're free, it's a fairly inoffensive proposition.

It's possible you've encountered PlayWorks before, since it produces a variety of games for casual platforms, like Roku, LG and Samsung

How do you play games on Sky Q?

Sky says you can use the 'open PlayWorks' voice command to access the app, or you can simply find the app in Sky Q's app section.

Sky also has plans to release other apps on the Sky Q platform over the next few months, based around subjects like music, learning and fitness. Recently, it added Disney Plus in time for launch. 

It's a welcome freebie, but not the first time Sky has offered games to its subscribers.  Older Sky viewers may remember its Sky box games like Beehive Bedlam and Bumble Tumble, before Sky Games closed in early 2015.

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