Should you buy the new Samsung Galaxy S21, Plus or Ultra directly from Samsung?

Samsung Galaxy S21 deals
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Samsung Galaxy S21 deals have finally landed, offering the latest instalments from Android's leading brand. But if you've got your eyes set on pre-orders, is it worth heading straight to the Samsung store?

Whether you're in the US or the UK, the official Samsung website is likely the obvious place to start your search but these days, there is an immense amount of retailers and carriers biding for your attention.

And thanks to this competition, there are more places than ever to pre-order your brand new Samsung Galaxy S21, Plus or Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Should you pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S21 from Samsung?

Because of the amount of retailers jumping on the S21 bandwagon, it can be hard to know where the best offers are coming from. If you're going unlocked or SIM-free, prices are going to be exactly the same no matter where you order.

However, certain carriers are going to push incentives and exclusive offers to make themselves more tempting. In the UK, both Samsung and a wide range of retailers are including a free pair of Galaxy Buds and the new Smart Tag feature with all pre-orders but other than that, no one has stepped out with a special offer.

Because of that, in the UK it makes the most sense to order from Samsung directly. This is because Samsung has a strong trade-in scheme, exclusive colours only found on their site, finance options, free YouTube Premium and an added discount on smart tech.

In the US, there is slightly more competition with Best Buy offering $50 rebates, Verizon offering big trade-in values and AT&T offering $800 savings on Galaxy S21 deals with trade in.

Just like in the UK, the US Samsung Store has exclusive colours which will be a big draw for a lot of people. It also offers benefits not seen elsewhere like cracked-screen trade in credit up to $550.

Where else can you get Samsung Galaxy S21 deals?

While the Samsung Store is looking like an obvious destination to get your new Samsung S21, Plus or Ultra, it isn't the only choice. In the UK, many people will prefer to go for a contract instead.

For these, there is a massive range of retailers including Carphone Warehouse, and more fighting it out for the best prices across the biggest networks.

In the US, careful consideration of what all of the carriers are offering can mean you can bag the best price and the biggest trade-in value.

Below we've listed some of the key retailers and carriers to get your new Samsung Galaxy S21 deals from.

US pre-order retailers:

UK pre-order retailers:

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