Saucony launches its 'fastest ever' running shoe to take on Nike VaporFly

Saucony Endorphin Pro
(Image credit: Saucony)

Saucony is the latest company to launch a carbon plate running shoe, taking on the likes of Nike, Asics and Brooks. Saucony says the new Endorphin Pro is its "fastest ever" shoe, but although it was built in collaboration with elite athletes, it's designed with everyday runners in mind.

Nike's VaporFly shoes attracted controversy and fascination when they were investigated by a World Athletics review panel to see if their thick sole and carbon plate gave runners an unfair advantage.

The VaporFlys were eventually given the green light, leading to a flurry of new releases as other shoe makers put their designers to work creating to give plates a new spin.

The Endorphin Pro's plate has an 'S-curve', which Saucony says helps propel you forward and provide 'a feeling of continuous momentum'. The forefoot is particularly stiff, helping transfer forces as your foot rolls forward.

Going fast

It's not all about the plate, though; the new shoe also features a super-springy new lightweight foam and an outsole with reinforced high-abrasion zones so you don't wear through them too quickly.

That's a welcome feature, since these shoes don't come cheap. Their pre-order price is $200 / £190 (about AU$300), with shipping from June 1. Pre-orders are now sold out on Saucony's website, but the shoes are also available from third-party stockists in the US and UK (if you move quickly).

Cat Ellis

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