Samsung’s Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality headset won’t be sold in the UK

There’s some bad news for those looking to pick up a Windows Mixed Reality headset in the near future, because one of the seemingly best offerings of the current initial crop of products – namely, Samsung’s – won’t be on sale in the UK.

Indeed, the company’s Samsung HMD Odyssey will be on shelves in the US next month, but there are no plans to sell the headset over in Europe, Samsung told The Verge. The spokesperson for the firm didn’t reveal any reasoning behind the move.

The Odyssey differentiates itself with dual AMOLED displays which each boast a 1,440 x 1,600 resolution, higher than other Mixed Reality rivals. In our early testing with Samsung’s HMD, we found this made a real difference, with impressively vibrant and smooth visuals.

Spatial audio

This device also offers a wider field of view than the competition (110-degrees), and nifty, built-in spatial audio which really adds to the sense of immersion –
something else other Windows Mixed Reality headsets lack.

So, this is disappointing news indeed. Samsung’s HMD Odyssey will cost $499 (around £380, AU$640) over in the US, and orders are set to ship on November 6.

The consolation is that at least there’s plenty of choice in terms of other headsets, with HMDs from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo and indeed Fujitsu revealed a fresh offering only yesterday – and, who knows, maybe we’ll see some nifty deals on some of these products come Black Friday.

Windows 10’s latest upgrade, the Fall Creators Update, brings support for Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

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