Here’s what Windows 10 will look like with the Fall Creators Update

Microsoft has posted a teaser video showing off the changes its new Fluent Design System will make to Windows 10’s interface with the release of the Fall Creators Update.

You can now download and and install the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update right now, and see the changes for yourself.

A number of apps and menus will get the Fluent Design makeover, including the core applications such as Photos and People, with a good bit of tinkering seemingly done to Groove Music – somewhat puzzlingly seeing as Microsoft just pulled the plug on the streaming service (though it can still be used as a music player).

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The other main point of interest here is the fact that Microsoft is only bringing a limited portion of the overall Fluent UI to Windows 10 with the Fall Creators Update, namely the Acrylic (blur/transparency) and Reveal (buttons being outlined, or icons revealed when the cursor hovers over something) effects.

More jazzing up of the operating system’s interface is in the pipeline, but to begin with these are the only goodies you’ll be getting. You can check them out in the video below.

Fluent finery

They seem like useful touches and certainly give the interface a more modern feel, although reaction across the internet has seemed a bit mixed concerning the Fluent Design System. But then again, it always will be – you’re never going to please all of the people, all of the time, particularly when it comes to aesthetic changes which are naturally more subjective.

As we noted at the outset of this story, the Fall Creators Update deployment process starts tomorrow, although you may have to wait quite a while before it’s available on your PC (several months in some cases, if past history is anything to go by).

As always with these big updates, Microsoft is conducting a gradual rollout to help spot any problems and bugs which might still be hanging around.

Via: MS Power User

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