Samsung unveils all-in-one fingerprint security IC for biometric payment cards

Samsung's new IC for biometric cards
(Image credit: Samsung)

Korean tech major Samsung Electronics has released a fingerprint authentication integrated circuit (IC) made of a single chip for biometric authentication cards.

Samsung claimed that it has simplified the internal circuit design of the 'biometric authentication card' by integrating the hardware security chip (SE), fingerprint sensor and security processor installed on each card into a single IC chip for the first time in the industry.

The chip, S3B512C, has three key functions integrated and can help biometric card manufacturers reduce the number of chips required in their design.

How a biometric card works

Biometric authentication card with a built-in IC can read and authenticate the user's fingerprint information. When the user puts a finger on the sensor and inserts or touches the card into the terminal, payment is made. Biometric authentication cards do not require password input or personal information number (PIN) authentication when using overseas, so there is less risk of information exposure.

The encrypted fingerprint data is stored in a SE. And to safely and accurately verify the user’s identity, the new IC has an authentication algorithm. It has a secure processor that extracts and analyses the unique features of the fingerprint placed on the sensor. The chip also has an anti-spoofing technology to prevent unauthorized users from circumventing the security system.

How the new IC works in a biometric card

(Image credit: Samsung)

Kenny Han, Vice President of System LSI Marketing at Samsung Electronics said: “The S3B512C is primarily designed for payment cards but can also be used in cards that require highly secured authentications such as student or employee identification, membership or building access.”

Samsung said that the new IC has passed Mastercard's biometric evaluation (BEPS), and has been certified by the International Common Criteria for Security (CC) EAL6+ and the Global Online Card Payment Technology Standard (EMVCo).

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