Samsung 'Galaxy X' foldable phone could leave the labs this year

A foldaway phone that can open up into a device the size of a tablet... what's not to like? Samsung's rumored Galaxy X phone is said to offer exactly that functionality, but it's been little more than a whisper on the wind since Samsung first revealed its bendy displays at CES years ago.

But the concept may be about to take a step closer to reality. A source speaking to ETNews states that Samsung is looking to have a working prototype of the device ready by Q3 of this year, echoing earlier reports that pointed to a September reveal.

Yep – just a prototype. But that's a step closer to reality for the foldy-phone dream, and one that could lead to a consumer device becoming available as soon as next year if the prototyping stage proves compelling.

Not an open and closed book

It's a technology in its infancy however, and even if a prototype is built and works as intended, there's no saying how well it will be received by the general public. 

While the Galaxy Edge line, with its own curved display, has been critically acclaimed, other new phone concepts, such as the modular LG G5 and Motorola's own modular pursuits, have failed to set the world on fire.

The concept is rumored to have broken cover at recent mobile phone showcases, but only to select partners prepared to sign lengthy non disclosure agreements. The news of a prototyping stage being entered suggests the reception may have been positive.

And Samsung is in need of a bold new, positive device. While it's on a PR offensive ahead of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, a foldable phone could be just what it needs to wash away the bitter taste of the fiery Note 7 debacle.

Gerald Lynch

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