Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 may be delayed for Samsung Galaxy S22 to launch on time

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
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A new rumor suggests that a Covid outbreak at a Samsung facility could lead to a delay of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, though it’s not expected to affect the Samsung Galaxy S22 release date.

Eleven employees in the R5 Tower of the Samsung Digital City campus in the city of Suwon, Korea tested positive for Covid, YouTuber Super Roader (and supposed former Samsung employee) told LetsGoDigital – the same building where employees develop and test products such as the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8. 

The report claims that Samsung is taking stricter measures compared to earlier outbreaks and 70% of employees will need to work from home, meaning only the remaining 30% will have access to sensitive developer devices that remain in R5 Tower. This is what will allegedly lead to delays that will push off the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. 

This incident supposedly won’t affect the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S22, which is expected in January or February. Super Roader uploaded a video discussing the situation, in which he reasons that given the history of prioritizing the S-series phones over development of the Tab-series tablets and limited access to devices, Samsung will choose to get the S22 out on time over the Tab S8, leading to delays of the latter.

Analysis: the Samsung Galaxy S22 is still on track... for now

It wouldn’t be surprising to learn that Samsung prioritized the S22 series over the Tab S8 – they simply sell far more of the former than the latter. In Q1 2021, Samsung sold over 75 million smartphones but only 8 million tablets (per separate IDC reports on phone and tablets sales, respectively). 

But the Samsung Galaxy S22 might come out a little later than usual, anyway. A rumor initially claimed that the overdue Samsung Galaxy S21 FE would take the flagship phone’s launch window in early January and push the S22 to a later date. 

Another rumor by noted leaker, Jon Prosser, gave specific dates that reflected that prediction: the S21 FE will supposedly launch on January 4, 2022 to go on sale January 11, while the S22 will be unveiled on February 8 to go on sale February 18. We’ll have to see if those dates pan out – and when the Tab S8 may launch thereafter.

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