Samsung Galaxy S21 could sport a second-gen 108MP penta-camera setup

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Samsung is supposed to launch its Galaxy S21 flagship smartphone next year. But that does not limit the news and leaks of the smartphone from getting out. 

Recent reports had suggested that the Korean company was looking to implement the under-display camera technology with the Galaxy S21. And now a new leak suggests some other top of the line specs that may be seen on the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S21: New features leaked 

The newest leak comes in the form of a tweet from the user Anthony. His tweet suggests that Samsung’s next generation of Exynos processor will ensure quite a few new features for the flagship Galaxy S21 device. 

To start off, the Galaxy S21 may feature 1080p 240fps, 4K 120fps, and 8K 30fps video recording. Besides this, it may also feature a penta-camera system with the 108MP ISOCELL HM2 image sensor. In terms of display technology, it may come with 1440p 120Hz or 144Hz display. It could feature a 5,000mAh battery with 65W ultra-fast charging technology that won’t damage the battery. 

These are some leaping upgrades over the technologies present in the current generation of flagship smartphones from Samsung. And as always we reiterate these are leaks, and with all such news, exercise some circumspection.

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A Korean website, The Elec, had reported that Samsung originally hoped to implement this in the Samsung Galaxy S21, but due to "low production yield" had to abandon their plans. But the company had to abandon the plans and decided to implement that technology on the Z Fold 3.

The Galaxy S21 is projected to launch in February 2021, while the Z Fold 3 presumably isn't due out until the latter half of 2021. As a more niche product than the flagship S21, and with more time to develop the technology, the Z Fold 3 seems like a logical candidate to test out the feature.

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