Samsung Galaxy S21 could come with an iPhone 12-like boxy design

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
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Samsung has just patented a new bezel design that will not only make its upcoming smartphones futuristic and maybe a bit iPhone 12-like. The new “Blade Bezel” is expected to come in the Galaxy S21 series phones slated to come out early next year.

The patent that was filed with the KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office) was classified as Class 9 which pertains to includes a large-screen display, smartphone display, LCD, LED, OLED, digital camera display, video screen etc.

While the patent document does not give any information about how the Blade bezels may look like, however, going by the literal meaning it could stand for sharp-edged bezels. Incidentally, the recently launched iPhone 12 series’ industrial design is indeed boxy and has razor-sharp edges with minimal bezels around the display.

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Though the rounded edges make the device comfortable to hold on to, however, going by the recent trend, you may see this new design language being favoured by many brands. Even Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7 series that was launched recently had a similar design language.

Samsung's Blade Bezel patent

(Image credit: Letsgodigital)

Letsgodigital also mentions a probability of this being an under-display camera, since the trademark category includes “digital camera display” and while this could mean that the phone may have a front-facing camera but without any pop-up mechanism or a notch, it seems too good to be true. Some brands have showcased their concept device with an in-display camera; however, the technology isn’t mature yet for a commercial launch.

That said, it is way too early for us to be able to talk about the design of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series apart from the fact that we recently came across a leak hinting at a massive rear camera module. Moving from the block-like camera setup that we have seen in the recent Samsung flagship phones, the report states that the camera unit could be located on the top-left part of the device and may be wrapped around the body of the device itself.

All in all, the Samsung Galaxy S21 could shape up into an interesting looking device and as more leaks pour-in we will keep you updated.

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