Samsung Galaxy S21 cameras show up in first real world photo leak

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
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We've seen plenty of unofficial renders of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 phones, but now we've got a leaked photo of the actual handsets in the actual real, physical world – showing off the Galaxy S21 Ultra and S21 Plus side by side.

As revealed by seasoned leaker Sakitech, the images show the redesigned camera module on the upcoming Galaxy S series phones, which looks as though it's wrapping around the top left hand corner of the phone as you look at the back of it.

On the left of the image, which we've embedded below, is the S21 Ultra: you can see a quad-camera setup, with two telephoto lenses, a main lens, and an ultrawide lens. The other holes are the flash and the laser autofocus system.

On the right, there's the Galaxy S21 Plus: this phone is going to come with a triple-camera setup, comprising a main lens, a telephoto lens, and an ultrawide lens. You can see the flash just to the right, and apparently the standard S21 will have a similar rear camera array attached.

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It looks as though the cameras are going to be one reason why you might want to pay top dollar for the Ultra version of the Galaxy S21, although there might not be a huge leap forward from what we saw with the Galaxy S20 series.

The 108MP rating of the top-end main camera will remain the same, for example, though apparently there is going to be an improved image sensor behind it – and that will mean more light captured and better photos out the other side.

Thanks to the dual 10MP telephoto lenses, the S21 Ultra model is being tipped to reach a 5x optical zoom level, which would be a step up from the 4x optical zoom on its direct predecessor. There's also more than one rumor suggesting that the S21 Ultra is going to get S Pen stylus support too.

All of this should be made official in the coming weeks: it sounds very much like the Galaxy S21 phones will launch in January, and specifically on January 14, and we'll be bringing you every last detail of these new flagships when the time comes.

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