Samsung Galaxy S11 could land on February 18

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We don’t know much about the Samsung Galaxy S11 yet, but we do know when it might land, namely February 18.

That date has been put forward by a source speaking to SamMobile, though the site adds that it’s “not confident enough in the source of this information to put our weight behind the date provided.” That, coupled with how early this is to be hearing a date, means we’d take this with even more salt than most rumors.

Having said that, February 18 is a very believable date, as the Samsung Galaxy S10 was announced on February 20 of this year and the Galaxy S9 landed on February 25 of 2018. So if nothing else then an announcement in mid-late February is likely.

But while recent Galaxy S phones have landed in that period, some previous models have landed in other months – though almost always early in the year.

An MWC no-show

It’s worth noting that if this date is right then that would mean the Samsung Galaxy S11 would land before MWC 2020 (a major mobile trade show held in late February), with the source adding that it will be unveiled at an event in San Francisco.

That wouldn’t be surprising either – Samsung sometimes uses MWC to unveil flagships but not always, and the Galaxy S10 wasn’t unveiled there. So all told while this may or may not be right, it’s likely within a week of when the Galaxy S11 will actually launch, and almost certainly in the right part of the year.

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