Samsung Galaxy Note 21 may not even happen, says another rumor

Samsung Galaxy Note 20
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The Samsung Galaxy Note 21 may not even happen. That's according to a variety of rumors we've heard previously, and a new source has also claimed there's no sign of the company working on the phone.

Ever since August this year, we've heard leaks suggesting Samsung was eyeing its foldable phone family to act as a replacement for the Samsung Galaxy Note line.

The latest suggestion of that comes directly from Ice Universe, who is often correct on Samsung phone leaks, and who claims there's currently no information on the development of the Galaxy Note 21.

While that doesn't necessarily mean the handset isn't in development, it may be a sign of it, as the company's devices often leak well ahead of launch. Often we'd hear from sources about at least vague ideas of what to expect, but there's nothing clear yet for the 2021 device.

If the company is instead focusing on its foldable phones, that may mean we can expect some big innovations in that range.

It would likely mean for example that the company would be installing an S Pen stylus in a device such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. That's something we've heard in separate leaks, and it would make sense.

Samsung also sells its current foldable phones for remarkably higher prices than devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 or Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, so we may see the company introduce a cheaper foldable for those looking for a new device.

Although it's still far from certain that we won't see the Galaxy Note 21 next year, this is yet another sign that the company is planning on something different for its selection of larger phones.

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