Samsung confirms it'll sell newer refurbished phones – that's great news

Samsung Galaxy S22 on box
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If you've been interested in buying a Samsung phone but want to save some money, then you've probably looked into buying a refurbished mobile – buying renewed tech has become a hugely popular way to save money on gadgets.

Samsung's refurbishment program, called Re-Newed, doesn't actually sell the company's newest gadgets though. In the UK, the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 series are the only ones sold, whereas in the US the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy Note 10 join. But if you want the newest Galaxy S22, or other devices like the Galaxy A53 or tablets, you're plum out of luck.

However that'll change very soon. In a statement to TechRadar, Samsung confirmed that it plans to expand its Re-Newed range to include newer smartphones in the future, so we could see future models like the Galaxy S23, or perhaps current ones, available for a lower cost.

Refurbished: what's the deal?

Refurbished, or renewed, phones are second-hand devices with one big difference. Instead of being simply re-sold, these devices are tested by engineers to make sure they're up to snuff, and parts are often replaced or fixed to make sure the device feels as good as new.

This kind of phone has been sold for years, but with the global cost of living crisis in recent years, refurbished tech has become massively popular. That's because these gadgets generally cost a fair bit less than their new siblings, despite working just as well. 

Third-party refurbished stores have popped up to sell this kind of gadget, but many brands also sell their own renewed tech, like Apple. Samsung has dabbled with doing it too, but as we've already discussed, it hasn't stayed up-to-date with its newest devices being offered.

Good news from Samsung

Thanks to various global factors, money is tight for many people around the world, which is why refurbished gadgets are especially tempting.

As the biggest phone company in the world, many people look to Samsung phones as their first port of call for a new device, but with the company not offering its newer handsets via Re-Newed, people would have to look to third-party refurb brands to pick up newer devices on the cheap.

However, Samsung renewing its own phones could be better than letting third-party companies do it. Since Samsung has easy access to its own components, the process could be cheaper and easier, which would save money for the buyer. Plus, the engineers doing the refurbishing would be trained by the company itself, meaning the renewed phones would potentially be up to a much higher standard (and buyers will have better peace of mind).

Samsung lets you trade in older phones for money off of newer ones, meaning it likely has a large stock of second-hand phones that it could easily refurbish, so there will hopefully be a big supply for buyers. 

And, like Apple, Samsung has plenty of physical stores around the world – so instead of ordering your refurbished phone and having it delivered to your home, you can pick it up at the in-person store, and check it over before you take it home.

So Samsung expanding its Re-Newed line to newer phones is great news, and it'll hopefully encourage many more fans of the company to pick up second-hand gadgets. Now let's hope the brand also starts doing the same for its A-series phones and tablets.

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