Roborock's new S8 Pro Ultra vacuum is better at cleaning up the place and itself

S8 Pro Ultra model in docking station
(Image credit: Roborock)

Roborock is launching at CES 2023 in Las Vegas its new flagship S8 series comprised of three of their best robot vacuums yet: the base S8, S8 Plus, and S8 Pro Ultra.

The models are mostly the same with a few unique features to differentiate them. Each S8 vacuum comes with “a newly designed duo-roller brush system,” which the company claims allow for deeper cleaning. Roborock also boasts the series comes with a suction power of 6,000Pa (Pascal Pressure Units); which the company claims is the highest of all its current robot vacuums. 

Some of Roborock’s proprietary tech is migrating over from other models. First, you have the pretty fancy “VibraRise Intelligent Mopping System”. According to the product page of the S7 vacuum, VibraRise utilizes “sonic vibration technology” allowing these little robots to scrub up to “3,000 items per minute” for a thorough cleaning. Another notable feature is the Reactive 3D Obstacle Avoidance System giving the S8 series models the ability to detect and avoid obstacles. The AI on other models, like the S7, comes equipped with a machine learning algorithm so it can "remember" where obstacles lie. We asked a company representative if the Reactive 3D has this capability but we've yet to hear back.  

Slight differences

What few differences exist between the S8 vacuums come down to mostly the docking station. Each one charges their respective model, but according to the company representative, the S8 Plus' station has an auto-emptying dock that automatically empties out the dust bin.

The S8 Pro Ultra's docking station is a little different. It’s called the RockDock Ultra, and not only does it empty out the dust bin, but it can also wash the S8 Pro’s internal mop as well as refill the water tank. On top of that, it has a warm air dryer to prevent mold from growing on both the mop and the dock itself.

The other notable difference is the VibraRise Mopping System on the S8 Pro has been given a 2.0 upgrade.  For one, this new version comes with “two vibration modules” for better cleaning efficiency. And the model will automatically lift its internal mop up 6 mm whenever it detects carpet flooring to avoid cross-contamination.

The S8 series is currently available for purchase via Amazon or Roborock’s own store, but only in the US. Prices start at $749.99.  It's unknown if there are plans for a global launch at this time.

Other options

If you want a vacuum with more oomph behind it, Roborock is also launching the wireless Dyad Pro alongside the S8 series for $449.99. The company states this new model has the ability to “automatically adjust [its] cleaning power… [accordingly] to different floor scenarios” similar to how the S8 Pro can retract its mop when it detects carpet. And it has almost triple the suction power at 17,000Pa.

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