Rejoice - Paint has a new look for Windows 11

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In a post on Unsplash, Microsoft has unveiled a new Fluent Design focus for the Paint app, matching it with the new look of Windows 11.

Even if you use a PC once a week, there’s still a good chance that you’ve used the Paint app in one way or another throughout the years. Regardless of new features and applications that have come and gone in Windows, Paint has always been the one constant that’s been in every release since its debut in November of 1985 with Windows 1.

With Microsoft pushing a new look for Windows 11 to make it much more modern, this is now being applied to Paint, making sure that it’s also touch-friendly for fingers and drawing accessories.

What does it look like?

The new Paint app gives the impression that it’s touch-focused this time, with an aim for content creators to use the app as a Photoshop-lite alternative. The user interface looks more refined this time, getting rid of the aging Ribbon interface that’s been prevalent across previous versions of Paint and the Office suite for some time.

The new Paint app with a new look in Windows 11

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In a small but nice touch, the file size is also displayed toward the bottom of the app, letting you know if the size is still low enough to be uploaded to a certain site with certain file size limitations for example.

With Windows 11 reaching Beta status on the Insider channels, it looks like it’s only a matter of time before we see this new look of Paint appear in the preview builds for users very soon.

Analysis: Something old, something new

Paint has been around since Windows 1, so to see any update to the app in 2021 is very significant. Whether you remember using it during your school years or as a way of practicing your creative craft for a future career, Paint has always been around.

Windows 11 looks as though it’s Microsoft’s opportunity to look at every aspect of the operating system to see just what could be updated and refined, to justify the version numbering from 10 to 11. Paint will be a big justification for this to many users - it’s that important.

Paint has always been a simple but reliable app, and with the omission of the Ribbon interface finally disappearing in the app, it could make it even more accessible to new users who just want to draw a new Simpsons meme or a family portrait with even more ease, once Windows 11 arrives later this year.

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