Realme's MagDart charger could be faster than wired charging

Realme MagDart charger teaser
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Realme is expected to introduce a new MagDart wireless charging technology at the August 3 event in India. And ahead of the introduction of this new charging tech, the company has pushed out teasers that suggest that this technology could potentially charge faster than wired charging. 

According to the teasers posted on Twitter, the MagDart wireless charging tech could be up to 440% faster than some wired charging solutions currently available. Another teaser image suggests that the charger itself could be as thin as a coin. 

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MagDart is Realme’s version of an interoperable magnetic wireless charging accessory that can be directly attached to the back of a smartphone for delivering power.

On the face of it the proposed 440% faster charging of the MagDart charging would mean an extremely efficient charging solution. It is conceivable that this has been compared to some of the lower charging solutions right now of either 8W or 15W. And it is unlikely that this was compared to some of the other wired fast charging solutions we have right now.

As for the claim of the charger being slim as a coin, this too is subjective. And while it is potentially possible to create such slim wireless chargers, they have a tendency to heat up. We need to wait and see how Realme plans to tackle this issue. 

This would also bring into question the material with which this charger would be made since wireless chargers up until now have been made either with glass or plastic panels.

The previous leak had showcased two different-sized chargers, one which has a sleek puck-shaped look and another larger cube-shaped one. The larger one is expected to work with a laptop since it comes with an internal fan to tackle the heat. It was also teased that the large charger would be capable of charging that will “exceed 15W” due to the better thermal management. 


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