Razer's iPhone 11 case keeps your phone cool during intense gaming sessions

(Image credit: Razer)

Apple has just launched the iPhone 11 line, and with it comes the usual race to be among the first manufacturers to offer a protective case for the new phones. Rarely do these excite, but gaming peripheral giant Razer may have something a little bit different up its sleeve.

Razer is releasing a few gaming-oriented cases (the Arctech Slim and Arctech Pro) in multiple colors, which are designed to work with  iPhones from 2018 and later (including the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max), as well as the Razer Phone 2.

The key selling point with Razer's cases is that where some phone cases insulate the device, the Razer cases should keep your handset cool, even when going through an intense gaming session.

Hot, hot, heat

As games become more advanced on phones, they become more power hungry, which puts CPU and GPU components under stress, causing both them and the battery powering them to heat up.

The Arctech Pro and Arctech Slim use a custom Thermaprene material along with perforations in the design to transfer heat away from the handset - instead of cooking it.

The effectiveness remains to be seen, but Razer claims its design kept phones working within recommended temperature limits for two hours even when chugging away at an intense gaming session, whereas alternative cases started to get dangerously hot within 20 minutes.

Both support wireless charging, though the Pro is the more protective of the two, being able to withstand falls from as high as 10 feet. Meanwhile, the Slim is a more pocket-friendly alternative.

Matching Razer's usual branding colors in black and green, white and grey, and pink and grey shades, the Arctech Slim will set you back $30 (about £25 / AU$45) , while the Arctech Pro is $40 (about £35 / AU$60).

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