Razer laptops reportedly hit by major issue with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Update: We've since found more Razer users reporting issues and received an update from Razer and Microsoft, which are both looking into the issue. As such, this article has changed slightly since its original publishing.

Update 2: Razer has provided us with a statement on the matter, which you can read below: 

"We are aware of a small number of customer-reported issues. The claims are being investigated with the help of Microsoft presently. We recommend rolling-back the Windows 10 Creators Update to the prior version if a user believes he or she has an issue."

Original story follows

If you own a Razer laptop, then you might not want to download Windows 10’s latest Fall Creators Update.

According to multiple posts in the Razer forums (as spotted by The Inquirer), some Razer laptops aren’t fully compatible with Version 1709 Build 16299.15, otherwise known as the Fall Creators Update, which started rolling out on Tuesday.

Forum denizen Kokorone noted how, after installing the latest Windows 10 feature update, their notebook would not recognize any peripherals. Supposedly, even the built-in keyboard and trackpad would not work until they rebooted the machine.

The forum user theorized Razer has not updated compatibility with its drivers to support this version of windows and thus renders the trackpad, keyboard, and USB features useless when waking from sleep mode on battery power.

Kokorone also claims that neither reinstalling drivers nor talking to Razer support resolved the issue for his/her problems.

Unfortunately, this has proven to be more than an isolated case. Three additional users also noted they were having the same issues. GoldMetallicDIAMOND917 also further detailed other issues including how the trackpad would stop responding intermittently.

While there are multiple reports of problematic Fall Creators Update installs that lend credence to their legitimacy, only one of the four users actually say which device had suffered the issues. All four forum users also seem to be new members to the forum.

Also, for the record, we have not experienced any of the same issues on our Blade Stealth review unit. Razer is also far from the only hardware maker to run into issues after the Fall Creators update – installing the latest version of Windows 10 has proven to be problematic across a number of devices.

We've since contacted Razer, and the company has let us know that it is aware of the issue and it is looking into fixes. A Microsoft spokesperson also informed us that "Microsoft is aware of the issue and is working closely with Razer to resolve it as soon as possible."

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