PUBG is set to get some much-needed fixes

PUBG Corp has announced a three-month-long campaign which aims to deliver the changes and improvements players want to see in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

The ‘Fix PUBG’ campaign (which even has its own website) plans to address the bugs, quality of life issues and performance problems which have angered PUBG fans in recent months. The problems have been so prominent that PUBG’s recent Steam reviews are ‘mostly negative’ and the PUBG subreddit is littered with complaints about the battle royale.

What's the plan?

The website includes a roadmap running from August to October, which details the key areas the dev team is looking to improve and when players can expect to see these changes. Here’s what is on the list:

Client Optimization

  • Character Optimization
  • Effect Optimization 
  • Level Streaming Optimization

Server Performance

  • Optimization based on server performance profiling
  • Network code optimization
  • Replication interleaving
  • Character movement optimization
  • Parachute movement optimization
  • Airplane sequence optimization


  • Faster and smarter matchmaking

Bug fix and quality of life issues

  • Fixing bugs and tackling quality of life issues throughout the campaign

What's being fixed first?

According to the roadmap, the issues being addressed first include players being notified when reports result in a ban, level streaming optimization and replication interleaving. You can keep up to date with what the team is working on via the fix log, which details currently planned fixes and improvements.

“PUBG will be a better, more stable, and fairer game,” the campaign promises. “Throughout the next three months, we’re dedicating the vast majority of our resources to addressing your issues with the game and implementing your suggested improvements.”

PUBG vs Fortnite

Though PUBG reigned as king of the battle royale for some time, the title has gradually been losing players due to poor game performance and the meteoric rise of Fortnite. While Fortnite is free, and available on Nintendo Switch, console, PC, and mobile, PUBG costs £26.99 and runs poorly on consoles. PUBG is also arguably more competitive, appealing almost entirely to seasoned gamers rather than a broad spectrum of players.  

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