Sony: UK will 'eventually' get 3G Reader

Sony's new Readers, the Touch and the Pocket
Sony's new Readers, the Touch and the Pocket

The UK will be getting a 3G version of the Sony Reader, although the electronics giant is currently 'assessing' the British market.

The arrival of two new Sony Readers – the rather gorgeous £249 Touch and the more basic £179 Pocket – to the UK, was tempered somewhat by the knowledge that the US market would be getting a 3G 'Daily' version.

This will bring over the air downloads and the prospects of newspaper and content subscriptions that would arrive automatically on the device.

'It will come here eventually'

However, speaking to TechRadar at the UK launch of the reader, Sony UK Product Manager for Reader Wes Dearing confirmed that the 3G device would inevitably be making it across the Atlantic.

Sony reader touch

"The US has a much more mature market for Readers," said Dearing. "So they will be getting the first 3G product on the global market.

"We are currently assessing the market and the feasibility of bringing the device to the UK. It will come here eventually."

Business model

The prospect of selling subscriptions to newspapers and, feasibly, other types of content is already a focus for Sony – whose Library scheme in the UK is still very limited.

"We're looking into out options," added Dearing. "When 3G arrives then one of the key things will be to bring bite sized chunks of content automatically and through subscriptions.

"That's the business model you want."

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