Microsoft smartwatch said to offer a better battery life than most of its rivals

Microsoft smartwatch
If Microsoft made a smartwatch for the hipsters...

Rumours of a Microsoft smartwatch have been circulating for a while now (of course they have - just about everyone's getting in on wearables at the moment), but the device could be set to launch in just a matter of weeks.

Microsoft's ready to get in on wearables, according to a new Forbes report, and will launch its smartwatch "in the next few weeks".

The watch will have health-tracking features including a passive heart-rate monitor, according to anonymous sources, and will also be open across multiple mobile platforms.

That last point is a big one as Android Wear is obviously limited to Android devices, and the Apple Watch will be tethered to iOS.

But perhaps the best news of all is the battery life, which is said to last for more than two days with regular use. With watches like the Moto 360 and Samsung Gear Live lasting about a day on a full charge, Microsoft's device could enter this market with a big upper hand.

This could also go some way to explaining why Microsoft developed a keyboard for Android Wear, which popped up last week. No word from Microsoft just yet, so hold on tight for more info as we get it.

Hugh Langley

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