Leyio launches new iPod-friendly PSD

Leyio launching a new 8GB PSD ('Personal Sharing Device') with loads more support for iPods, iPhones and other mobile devices and personal media players

The Leyio PSD ('Personal Sharing Device') range gets a new addition this week, with a cheaper £99 8GB model launched, just in time for a new iPod-friendly firmware update.

The original 16GB Leyio now costs £129, and continues to baffle many of us in the TechRadar office.

While some of us have started regularly using the device for sharing data, music and movies with mates, there is still a 'confused by Leyio' contingent that refuses to accept the PSD is worth its asking price.

iPhone-friendly data sharer

Perhaps the forthcoming firmware update that will add simplified file transfer support for iPhone and Pod - and loads of other mobiles and wireless PMP devices – will be the point at which the Leyio comes into its own.

You can also make use of the Leyio's ultra-wideband connection (UWB) to literally flick your files through the air to other Leyio users at 10MB per second.

"A song takes just one second to transfer via UWB, making Leyio much faster than Bluetooth or wi-fi," claims the company. "And with most of us carrying around more digital data than ever, from holiday snaps to business documents, the Leyio now makes it easier to connect to your favourite gadgets – and even those belonging to your friends."

Of course, the only real (and quite major) caveat here is that you need to find other UWB users (ie Leyio-owners) to flick your data across to.

Share files wherever you may be

"In the next few weeks, users will be able to transfer tracks directly from their iPhone to their Leyio, simply by using a USB cable, in the same way that they can already share information from their iPods," says Bruno Maurel, CEO of Leyio.

"Leyio is designed to allow you to share files wherever and whenever you choose, whether you're in front of your computer or not. And, by being compliant with other devices – iPods, digital cameras, mobile phones – Leyio makes sharing on- and off-line simpler than ever. Also, since Leyio is about accessibility, we have introduced a new 8GB model that is our most affordable yet."

The new 8GB model also gets additional microSD support and is out next month in October for £99. See more over at Leyio.com.