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Dev kit reveals screen specs for both Apple Watch models

Apple Watch resolutions screen display specs
The Apple Watch will come in two sizes

It's been a couple of months since Apple unveiled the Apple Watch wearable, and we've yet to hear much more about it that's official.

So let's turn to the seme-official, where the Apple Watchkit software development kit - released to developers in tandem with the latest iOS update beta, which raises the OS up to iOS 8.2 - has revealed some interesting Apple Watch specs.

Specifically, it seems we now know what the Apple Watch's screen resolution will be for both models, according to MacRumors.

According to details in the Apple Watchkit SDK a smaller, 38mm Apple Watch will have a resolution of 272 x 340, while a 42mm version will have a 312 x 390 screen.

Apple Watch and iPhone: a necessary dependence?

Check out an image showing both resolutions, also apparently from the SDK, above.

In addition BGR reports that although the Apple Watch will initially need to be tethered to an iPhone, the wearable will gain standalone apps later in 2015.

We heard previously that the Apple Watch's dependence on the iPhone could mean better battery life.

Still, that's great news for anyone who envisions the Apple Watch actually being a convenient wearable solution, and not just another clunky, expensive Apple gadget you'll feel obligated to carry around.