Akai MPC Fly turns iPads into beat machines

Akai MPC Fly

Akai has launched the MPC Fly which combines 16 velocity-sensitive pads with an iPad 2 compartment for mobile beat making.

The MPC Fly gives users many of the functions available from Akai's MPC range, or "music production controllers", using the iPad 2 for display as well as sideline features that don't require a physical input.

Like the other models in the MPC range the FLY features a four by four grid of velocity-sensitive pads used to trigger drum sounds and samples.

Drop beats, not your iPad

The double hinged case allows the MPC Fly and iPad 2 to be used in an upright laptop format, laid out flat or even folded back on itself.

The MPC Fly app allows users to sequence four tracks simultaneously and has a sound library of samples and drum kits built in.

There are also built-in effect to play with, including delay, bit crusher and master compressor/limiter.

You can add new samples with the iPad's mic or 3.5mm socket, as well as from your iPod library using a turntable interface.

Designed to be portable the MPC Fly has a rechargeable battery and weighs in at a very reasonable 0.92kg – much lighter than a cello.

If you want to see what can be done on the MPC Fly's bigger brother with a set of nimble fingers (and a woolly hat), watch AraabMuzik at work.

The Akai MPC Fly is out now for £159. Ba-dum-tshhhhh.