New smartwatches could bring the Kindle to your wrist

E Ink watch
Could we soon be seeing things like this on people's wrists?

The smartwatch could be ready for another revolution as E Ink has suggested an upcoming watch could use the company's technology for both the screen and the body.

Most smartwatches use colour displays and while a few have opted for a black and white screen for improved battery life, the technology is only used for the display.

Speaking to Engadget, company representatives from E Ink explained that the device would have a curved panel that would cover most of the watch.

With a bigger screen it would be able to display more data at once, such as the weather forecast and any new messages.

Customise your wrist

But alternatively the bulk of the panel could be used decoratively, allowing you to change the entire design of the smartwatch, rather than just the face.

As watches are as much about style as utility that could be a big draw, allowing people to have an individual and unique looking device on their wrist, potentially even creating their own design.

E Ink claims there's already a prototype of just such a device, but sadly the company wasn't showing it off and nor would it confirm which, if any, manufacturer would be launching it.

Still, with Android Wear and the Apple iWatch set to bring smartwatches to the mainstream we wouldn't be surprised if we see this and more weird and wonderful designs soon, as manufacturers fight to stand out.

James Rogerson

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