Toshiba's ultra secure Tecra laptops

Toshiba Tecra
Don't even think about interfering with this computer's data flow

With PC performances going through the roof, holding onto your laptop has become as important as what it can do for you. With one billion mobile workers expected to be roaming the planet for Wi-Fi zones within a few years, Toshiba's new Tecra range is designed to keep the paranoid a little less insecure.

The beneficiaries are the A10 and M10 laptops, which also ship with Centrino 2 chips and come with 250GB of hard disk all packed into diminutive 14- and 15-inch frames and more impressive high specs than you could shake a Wii at.

Toshiba's EasyGuard technology also combats the risk of data theft, virus attacks and hardware damage.

Thieves, vagabonds, ne'er-do-wells

Unauthorised third-party access (colloquially referred to as thieves, the insatiably curious, and ne'er do wells are kept well at bay with a series of safety devices that includes finger-print recognition, the mysteriously vague Trusted Platform Module (TPM), and advanced password utilities.

While personal bodyguards are not included in the price, EasyGuard does cover you against hardware damage with a shock protection chassis.

Toshiba claims it also offers:"hardware-based security capabilities to deal with malicious attacks, including hardware filtering of inbound and outbound network traffic. Programmable hardware-based filters examine network traffic to identify threats, while a hardware-based 'switch' can disconnect the network data path or set a rate limit to contain threats more quickly."

Malicious attacks do not include mocking comments from rabbles of teenagers, pit bull molestation and the receipt of unwarranted sarcasm. That, my friend, is still very much your problem.