Latest iTunes update may have just outed new iPods

New iPods 2015

We've been wondering for a while now if Apple was going to be killing off the iPod, and now we're left even more confused.

A new image has appeared on iTunes 12.2 following Tuesday's update (toting Apple Music), indicating Apple might end up releasing some new iPods this year.

The image, which turns up when restoring or setting up an iPod on iTunes 12.2, shows some new-colored iPods, including a gold iPod nano , darker blue iPod touch and bright pink iPod shuffle.

Only cosmetic?

While there's no confirmation if the image is showing us yet-to-be-released iPods or if it's all just a big mistake, since it's part of the iTunes update, we're inclined to think there will be some new iPods heading our way before long.

Apple has previously unveiled new iPods during September, so it may be then we see the music players debut alongside the iPhone 6S.

There were reports back in April suggesting Apple would update its portable media player, and it's been a number of years since Apple refreshed the colors for its iPod lineup.

Like we suggested in our April report, the iPod may be in for more than a cosmetic facelift. Now that Apple Music has released, the tech giant may be developing a premium music player for things such as high-fidelity streaming (to take on services like Tidal).

Via MacRumors, Lead image credit: MacRumors