Tesla's rumored music streaming service pops up in software updates

Talk about car jams. A possible reference to Tesla's rumored music streaming service has appeared in a recent round of software updates. 

A trusted tipster sent evidence of the service to Electrek, revealing a new client has popped up in the updates' backend. The client, called 'TTunes', is housed in the media app and wasn't there previously. 

TTunes doesn't connect to anything, but it definitely has a prominent spot in the selection bar. Electrek says the code is present in all of Tesla's cars. 

While it's evident Tesla has something in the works, this isn't confirmation a service called TTunes — which, despite being adorably dorky, is likely a place holder name — is imminent. 

Tesla, play that music

Still, Tesla was just a few months ago reported to be in talks with major music labels. Music streaming appears to be part of a larger effort to give Tesla customers an integrated experience, letting them stream from any platform they choose within their vehicles without switching between apps. 

CEO Elon Musk has also previously talked about music as it relates to Tesla vehicles, including suggesting that one day Tesla owners could continue listening to a curated car playlist through the Tesla phone app. 

Listening to music on your phone via an app? Sounds like a music service to us.

Tesla has plans to unveil a self-driving electric truck in September. With this latest road sign just about flashing at a music streaming service, there's a reasonable chance it could hitch a ride to the event, too.

Via TechCrunch

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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