Footy fans, assemble! 'Tweet of Origin' is now a thing

9Jump-in State of Origin
Countdown to the game begins!

State of Origin is set to begin this week, but which team has the more vocal fans? The Nine Network will be staging a real-time digital battle - enter the title "Tweet of Origin" - on its Jump-in app.

Available through the website or iOS app, 9Jump-in will gather all Origin-based social media buzz throughout the game this Wednesday night to determine which team has the most vocal online fan base.

So if you're a Blues or Maroons fan, make sure to jump on social media and get your team trending.

The app will also profile "top tweets from past players, sports commentators and Nine celebrities, as well as a live feed of fans' Instagram photos".

In the meantime before the game, you can catch historical replays from older games with footage from all angles available in the network's archives.

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