Did someone just out the prices of the Samsung Gear 2 and Gear Fit?

Did someone just out the Samsung Galaxy 2 and Gear Fit prices?
No Gear-change in price for this one?

Samsung made its biggest wearable push yet at MWC 2014 by revealing three new devices – the prices of which may have just been outed.

Sam Mobile claims to have the inside scoop and says we can expect to see the Samsung Gear 2 priced at €299 (which will probably end up as £299, $299), while the Gear 2 Neo and the Gear Fit will come in at €199 (again, probably £199, $199).

Bearing in mind that the first Samsung Galaxy Gear launched for £299 ($299), these prices are well within the realms of possibility, but we're yet to hear anything official.

However Samsung told TechRadar: "The price of the Samsung Gear 2 & Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit has not been confirmed yet and will be determined according to local market conditions."

Healthy margins

While the Gear 2 may be priced as steeply as its predecessor, we've at least now got the Neo coming in at a more affordable point. Plus we expect we'll see Samsung continue to slash the cost of the original Gear, or remove the product entirely.

But by asking the same price for the Gear Fit, Samsung will be pricing itself higher than competitors like the Nike Fuelband and Fitbit Force, which could make it a more difficult sell - even with that flexible OLED screen.

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