The five best movie scenes shot using drones

Drone Company: ZM Interactive

The opening scene of The Expendables 3 features a low-flying helicopter in which our heroes are pursuing a speeding train. With bullets, guns, explosions and a lot of speed it's not the easiest sequence to capture on camera, especially if you're trying to create something distinct from the many other films that have similar scenes.

The drone shots offer an immediacy that would have been difficult to achieve with only fixed shots from the train or the helicopter cabin, as is the Mission Impossible helicopter/train scene. This is probably the most expensive and complicated film scene to use a drone to date, and it's successful largely because of the angles captured by the drone.

In all, 30 scenes shot using ZM Interactive's drone made it into the final cut of the film, from hover-shots over exploding buildings and dirt bike jumps to tank chases.

Joel Burgess
Staff Writer

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