The five best movie scenes shot using drones

Drone Company: Flying-Cam

While drones are broadly a new technology in films, there is one company that has been using its custom-designed single-rotor petrol drone for filming since the late 1980s: Flying-Cam, which even won an Academy Award for technical innovation in drone cinematography way back in 1995, and another in 2014.

Flying-Cam's drones have captured footage for an astounding array of films, from Captain America, Transformers: Age of Extinction, and installments of the Harry Potter and Mission Impossible franchises back to older hits including A Beautiful Mind and The Beach.

The Transformers movie was released in 2014, before the US drone exemptions were in place; however the scenes for which drones were employed were shot in Hong Kong, where the laws regarding drone use are more lenient. Similarly, the opening motorbike chase in Skyfall, which was partly shot by a Flying-Cam drone, occurs in Istanbul, Turkey.

Joel Burgess
Staff Writer

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