Digital fridge magnet released

Fridge Magnet Photo Frame
Fridge Magnet Photo Frame

While the idea of a digital photoframe is an intriguing one, in reality they are usually cumbersome bits of kit that look out of sorts in your house.

Well, has started selling the Fridge Magnet Photoframe, a tiny digital device that can be stuck on you fridge so you can remember your family while you are cooking for them.

In the frame

The screen is 50x40mm and on that you can display images in 320x240 resolution. The actual frame itself is just 83x55x12mm, so it is small enough and thin enough not to get in the way.

The frame has no removable memory, but there is 32MB of memory inside, so you can hold around 60 or so of your favourite photos, as long as they are saved as JPEG, BMP or GIFF.

Battery-wise you are looking at 11 hours. So remember to switch it off after you have finished in the kitchen! The frame can be recharged via a USB.

Slideshow timings between photos are adjustable from five seconds up to 80 seconds.

The Digital Photoframe is available now and costs just £29.99.

Marc Chacksfield

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