Week in camera news: CES special

Fuji X Pro1
It's been a bumper week for camera news, thanks to CES in Vegas

This week saw the mania that is CES take place in fabulous Las Vegas. It's the week when all the big electronic companies get together to show off the latest and greatest tech they have in their arsenals... and camera manufacturers are no different. Here's what they all had to offer this week.

Fujifilm news

It's probably the camera that's been talked about the most this week. After several weeks of speculation and leaks, the X Pro1 has finally been unveiled. The retro styled camera is the latest in Fuji's incredibly popular "X" series and features an APS-C sized sensor which the company claims can outperform a full-frame sensor. Bold claims indeed.

Read our Hands on: Fuji X Pro1 review to see what we think so far, and check out our interview with the Fuji X Pro1 designer to learn more about the development of the camera.

If that's not enough, discover more about the camera in our 10 things you need to know about the Fujifilm X Pro1 article, and read about the X Pro1 accessories that will be launching soon.

Nikon news

It wasn't strictly launched at CES, but the Nikon D4 was still big news at the show. We spoke to the company to discover the reasoning behind the 16 million pixel sensor on its latest professional level DSLR.

Canon news

Canon has also announced a new beauty this week in the form of the G1X. It's the company's new top-of-the-line compact camera, featuring a sensor that is similar in height to APS-C and promises superior image quality. Read our Hands on: Canon G1 X review with video to learn more about it.

Not content with launching that, Canon also introduced two new IXUS compacts to sit in its line-up too.

Olympus, Samsung, Sony and Panasonic news

It seemed like everyone was in the mood for announcing compact cameras, as new models were unveiled from Olympus, Samsung, Sony and Panasonic.

Highlights include a new superzoom bridge duo from Olympus, a budget trio from Sony, and long-zooms from both Panasonic and Samsung.

Polaroid news

This was also the week that Polaroid also revealed its Android powered "smart camera". It's supposed to combine the best of digital compacts with the best of smart phone convenience - albeit without the ability to er, phone anybody. Maybe that's the next step though?

Sigma news

Users of compact system cameras can rejoice at the news that Sigma has finally introduced a couple of CSC compatible third party lenses. The new duo includes a 30mm f/2.8 lens and a 18mm f/2.8 lens, both available in Micro Four Thirds and E-Mounts for Panasonic/Olympus and Sony respectively.

Sigma also introduced a new 180mm macro lens for full-frame DSLR users, which the company claims is the first of its kind to feature 1:1 reproduction with an f/2.8 maximum aperture.

That's all for this week. Although CES hasn't seen a host of huge announcements, we're holding out hope that the upcoming CP+ show in Japan will see big hitters being unveiled from the country's big names, including Sony, Nikon and Canon. Now - we're off for a big lie down.


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