Rumoured Nikon D800 specs emerge

Will we see a D700 replacement by Christmas?

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New rumours about the impending Nikon D800 have emerged, suggesting a 36 megapixel sensor, 4 fps continuous shooting and Full HD video in 30p.

Many people had expected a Nikon D800 to emerge as early as February or March this year, but it is thought that the earthquake and tsunami in Japan pushed back the release date to autumn. A report published in May suggested that Nikon's Sendai plant had fallen behind a previous summer deadline for the D700 replacement.

Further fuel was poured on the rumours fire as a French D800 user manual 'Obtenez le maximum du Nikon D800' (or 'Get the most out of your Nikon D800') by Bernard Rome appeared on the Amazon France website.

Mini D3x

According to NikonRumors, the latest specs to emerge all point to the D800 being a mini D3x. Other reported rumours include a larger LCD monitor which includes automatic brightness adjustment, two media card slots (CF and SD) and a shutter durability of 200,000 cycles.

Earlier today, information on the ISO range also emerged. The D800 is likely to be capable of ISO 100-6400, with a "lo" ISO 50 mode and "hi-2" ISO 25600 mode.

It is also believed that the D800 will be announced alongside other products, possibly a new consumer DX lens.

Two models

Another interesting rumour is that there will be two versions of the D800 released, one which has the antialiasing filter removed.

Antialiasing helps to create smoother edges in images and removes moire patterning, but can result in a some loss of sharpness. If this is rumour turns out to be true, it will be interesting to see how Nikon markets the two different models.

Nikon D800 price and availability

The price of the new camera is currently estimated at around 300,000 yen which would make the Nikon D800 UK price around £2,500. This would be roughly in line with the price of the D700 at the time of launch, which can now be purchased for around £1800.

NikonRumors expects the new camera and lenses to be announced at the end of October, with a market release date at the end of November, just in time for Christmas.

Stay tuned to TechRadar for more on any Nikon D800 rumours as they emerge.

Via NikonRumors

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