Big Canon launch rumoured for November

What will Canon announce in November?

A leaked invite appears to suggest that Canon is going to unveil something 'historic' in November, but what will it be?

Barely a week goes by without the rumour mill drumming up more stories about the impending release of a mirrorless camera from the 'big two' - Nikon and Canon - but this is the first time we've seen a definitive date when something will be announced.

However, Canon fans are also anticipating the release of the 5D Mark III and 1DS Mark IV. The leaked invite, as reported by PhotoRumors, states that "Canon is making an historic global announcement" on November 3rd, 2011.

Location location location

The location of the event is perhaps the biggest clue as to what lies beneath. Holding an event in Hollywood suggests that Canon will be pushing the camera's video capabilities.

What that camera will be is anyone's guess, but of course the 5D Mark II is well-known for its impressive video specifications, and is even used by some professional film makers in lieu of more traditional video equipment.

It's also worth remembering that Canon also produces dedicated video cameras, so it could be the "4k camera" that was shown in concept at the Canon Expo last year in New York.

The 4k camera includes the capability to shoot at 4096x2160 resolution at 60 frames per second, compared to the 1280x1080 resolution of full HD.

There's also the possibility that November will see the launch of Canon's first compact system camera. Rumours suggest that Nikon will be debuting its mirrorless model any day now, and it seems likely that Canon will not want to miss out on the compact system market once its major competitor enters the fray.

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Via PhotoRumors

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