Panasonic intros four 1MOS HD camcorders

Panasonic intros four 1MOS HD camcorders
Sometimes a picture tells the whole story. Not this time though

Panasonic has launched four new 1MOS system camcorders, with three categories to suit different users.

First up is the top-of-the-tree HC-V700 model, which features no end of top-level gadgetry for all your Scorsesian escapades.

"Equipped with a 28mm wide-angle2 setting, Intelligent 46x Zoom, and supporting 3D shooting, the V700 is a truly all-around camcorder for a wide variety of shooting situations," says Panasonic.

Portable power

"The V700 is equipped with Panasonic's newly developed High Sensitivity Sensor, which dramatically improves image quality.

" The new sensor portrays brightly lit scenes beautifully, and also captures dimly lit scenes with crisp, bright images and minimal noise. It produces stunning images in all kinds of situations, such as shooting indoors and at night."

The HC-V700 will also start up in less than a second from when the LCD is opened, and also features a touch-sensitive 3.-inch screen for easier use – plus uses SD memory cards for easier transfer of data.

Easy to use and portable

Next up are the HC-v500 and HC-v500 M – the only difference being the V500M uses flash memory while the V500 will need an additional SD memory card.

Both camcorders are able to convert from 2D to 3D, and can handle 50x zoom shooting with Intelligent Zoom and Crystal Engine Pro image processing.

"The V500 and V500M enjoy a number of features that further add to their appeal including the new 2D to 3D Conversion function, I-sec Quick Power On, touch operation LCD and Advanced Highlight Playback as seen with the V700.

"The Intelligent 50x Zoom and powerful HYBRID O.I.S + further complement the stylish design of these compact and user friendly models," whispers Panasonic seductively in its explanation of the couple.

Portable pal

Designed 'with users in mind' (which we're now worried the others aren't) the HC-V100hasa low power consumption that will allow you to record continuously for up 155 minutes.

The camcorder will also stabilise low frequency hand shaking due to breathing rhythms or wind, and eliminates blurring too.

It can also easily detect faces, and can smooth skin tones of up to 15 people at once, should you be present at the reformation of the So Solid Crew and want to remember them in their early 2000's heyday.

The new models will be available from February this year, although no pricing has been announced as yet.

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