Get flat-rate access to 30,000 Wi-Fi hotspots

Trustive gives you access to some 30,000 hotspots worldwide, many of which are in airports

Wireless hotspot access firm Trustive today launched its 'Unlimited' Wi-Fi service, which gives you flat-rate access to its worldwide network of 30,000 hotspots.

The 'all you can eat' Trustive Unlimited pricing gives you access to wireless hotspots all over the world. Most major European airports are covered, as well as other prime locations. Some 23,000 of the hotspots are already available, and the remaining 7,000 will be accessible within 60 days. More than 70 networks, including The Cloud, SFR, KPN Hotspots and Vodafone Italia are included.

For a monthly fee of 33 euros (£22), Trustive Unlimited subscribers can use any of its hotspots for as long as they want, without additional roaming charges or minute fees. You can cancel the subscription at any time by giving a month's notice.

There's also a business option; Trustive Unlimited Business gives corporate users unlimited usage for a monthly fee of 150 euros (£100). Five accounts are included in the subscription fee, and these can be shared among all staff as required. An online management tool makes it easy to keep track of usage.

Pre-pay Wi-Fi

Trustive also offers Trustive Pre-paid for a one-off fee of 25 euros (£16) - useful if you're an occasional hotspot user, or if you don't want to sign up to a subscription service. These accounts are valid for 12 months and the service is utilised on a pay-per-second basis.

"We believe we are delivering on quality - our network already connects more than 70 of the best networks, and it is continuing to grow. Trustive Unlimited enables us to deliver on our goals for price and extending choice," said Bram Jan Streefland, managing director of Trustive.

"We expect to see keen interest from frequent travellers that want to access the internet, email, and an increasing number of new multimedia services."

You can sign up to the service via , where you can register and download Trustive's end-user software. This isn't a requirement, but it helps with detecting and securely accessing wireless hotspots.