Vodafone gives 4G to prepaid users

Vodafone 4G
4G for everyone!

Vodafone prepaid customers may have noticed faster data speeds today as the telco begins pushing prepaid users onto its 4G network.

New prepaid customers, however, will need to wait until mid-November to access Vodafone's LTE network.

"We're rewarding our existing prepaid customers by transitioning them to our superfast wide-band 4G network first. Some have been with Vodafone for many years and we want to ensure their move is a smooth one," said Kim Clarke Vodafone Australia's Chief Marketing Officer.

Vodafone launched its 4G network earlier this year, being the last of the big three telcos to switch on the faster data network after lengthy network upgrades.

At the time Vodafone had only migrated existing post-paid customers on to the LTE network as well, later opening it up to new customers.

A data boost

Vodafone also announced that it was giving its $40 prepaid plan a bit of a boosts in terms of data and voice call allowance.

Previously, the telco offered 750MB and $650 worth of voice calls with unlimited SMS on the prepaid plan, but it has now been increased 1GB of data and $750 worth of calls.

Vodafone noted that to access the new 4G network, customers may need to change the settings on their 4G-enabled phones. You can also check out if you are in a 4G coverage area or not.