U-Fix offers free 'call me back' texts

U-Fix lets you text for free and instruct the recipient to 'call me back'

T-Mobile’s latest plan could be just the thing for students who run out of credit, but are perfectly willing to let their parents pay to talk.

The mobile provider’s 'U-Fix' plan allows people with no credit to text for free up to five times a month and instruct the recipient to 'call me back'. It's targeted at parents who want to provide their offspring with a phone for ‘peace of mind’ but also want to control the spending.

TechRadar would be willing to bet that that service is more likely to be called into action by students trying it on with the local pizza shop. But the deal is also sweetened by an Easter offer that means customers signing up to a new U-Fix price plan online between 7- 31 March will receive an extra bundle of texts for use in the first three months of their contract.

Now then, now then

Another new mobile package that could suit the thriftier persona is from NowThen, which purports to “instantly share and store every picture you ever take on your mobile phone”.

What the service offers is the ability to send a picture to multiple recipients for the price of a single MMS message; ideal for travellers or bloggers. “Pictures are a universal language, they communicate a thousand words in the blink of an eye - and that’s what NowThen is all about,” explained NowThen’s Erin Laye.

“While a digital camera allows you to compose and plan your shot, a camera phone is always on-hand to quickly snap those off-the-cuff moments that say more about you as a person.

“NowThen has opened up a forum for all the weird and wonderful moments that are happening across the world.”

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