Turn your GALAXY S4 into the ultimate golfing tool

How to turn your GALAXY S4 into the ultimate mobile golfing tool

There are multitudes of S4-friendly apps around that are ready and waiting to turn you into a golfing master.

Whether you need to steady your putt, bling your swing or find your way to the 19th hole for a liquid lunch, below are 10 apps to give your golf a boost...

Samsung GALAXY S4 golf apps

Sky Droid

£1.28 - buy it here

There are myriad reasons why a mobile device is the perfect peripheral for any budding golfer, but the most obvious is GPS. Having this technology on board the GALAXY S4 means shots can be tracked and courses can be mapped.

But GPS alone can't do this and that is where Sky Droid comes in. The app maps out the golf course for you, giving you an accurate representation of where the hole is and how far you have till you reach it. Also, it maps things such as bunkers and explains where they are on the course.

Sky Droid also allows you to map your own course from scratch. To top it off, the app houses listings for local golf courses, including telephone numbers so you are never far from your latest swing.

Samsung GALAXY S4 golf apps

Swing by Swing

Free - get it here

Like many an app on this list, Swing By Swing offers up GPS functionality, so you can check the range of your course, as well as find out where all the nasty surprises, such as bunkers, are.

Swing By Swing also doubles up as a digital scorecard. Forget pencil and paper, the score card on Swing By Swing is effortless to use and helps you keep track of how well you are/aren't doing – and it will also offer up some much-needed stats at the end of the round. And if this wasn't enough, you can also add shots of your shots during your round.

Samsung GALAXY S4 golf apps

Golf Frontier

Free - get it here

Any budding golfer knows that golfing is the final frontier, so it is apt that one of the best golfing apps on the market is something called Golf Frontier. This GPS-centric app gives you information on what is going on the green, hazards and all, and it will also record your statistics, track your scores and it will even calculate your handicap.

There are two versions of the app – a lite and full fat version – if you go for the lite version, then you can only download five courses. Pay a premium and you can have as many courses as you want.

Samsung GALAXY S4 golf apps

Golf Channel Mobile

Free - get it here

If you are having a rest from playing golf, then there is no reason for you not to catch up with what is going on in the professional world with the Golf Channel Mobile app.

The app offers behind-the-scenes content, instructional videos and gives you a whole load of stats – including leaderboards – from all the major tournaments and information from some of the best golfers around.

There is so much content available, that Golf Channel Mobile is sure to fill the awful void when you are not on the green and it all looks lovely on your GALAXY S4's screen.

Samsung GALAXY S4 golf apps

The Rules Of Golf

Free - get it here

To play golf, you have to become golf. And what better way to become golf than reading up on the rules of golf with the, er, The Rules Of Golf app. This application has all of the rules you need to know – all put together by the R&A, organisers of the Open Championship.

In the app you will find a whole host of rules – from amateur to professional rules. Do you know what to really do when a ball is lost? Or if you can stand out of bounds when making a stroke? Well, you will learn this and more with this instructional app.