Turn your GALAXY S4 into the ultimate golfing tool

Samsung GALAXY S4 golf apps

Happy Caddie

Free - get it here

Everyone needs a caddie. They are there for you to bounce shot ideas off of and, the best of all, they take the weight of your bag while you use your energy figuring out the best way to birdie your next shot.

Happy Caddie is your virtual helper. Its interface may be plain but look beyond it and what you have are a set of comprehensive tools that will help you swing your way to victory.

These include the ability to keep track of your score and key statistics and the ability to post your Score Card to Facebook. You will never have to bring a pencil to the course ever again!

Samsung GALAXY S4 golf apps

Tour Tempo Golf

£15.96 - buy it here

We will let you into a little golfing secret: when pro golfers take time out from the game, they play Tour Tempo golf to keep them in the game. Unlike any other golfing simulator, this is an app that is used by beginners through Major Championship winners on the PGA Tour.

And if that wasn't enough adulation, it is also validated by the Departments of Physics and Biomechanics at Yale University. So, what is so good about Tour Tempo Golf?

Well, just about everything. For a start the app guides you through the idea that simple mathematical ratios will make you a better swinger. All you have to do is listen to the unique sounds while swinging a club and get the rhythm right. Different tones are used for different strokes and the result is a better swing. Yes it's costly, but it's also an app that is praised by pretty much all that use it. Essential.

GALAXY S4 golf apps

V1 Golf For Android

Free - get it here

Perfecting your golf swing is something that can take a whole life to achieve. While we all just want to get out there and hit balls, sometimes taking a step back and analysing your stance and the like can do wonders for your game. This is where V1 Golf For Android comes in.

The app allows you to film yourself swinging a club and then gives you all the information you need to make adjustments to your technique, with the hope that you become a better golfer at the end of it.

Not only this, there is footage of over 50 pro golfers ready and waiting to be watched. There's nothing better than learning from the pros and this app lets you do just that.

Samsung GALAXY S4 golf apps

Golf GameBook

Free - get it here

Golf is a game you can enjoy on your own but in a world where social networks rule the roost, sometimes you just have to show off to your friends – even if you aren't actually golfing with them.

The Golf GameBook app offers up live scoring opportunities, on course chat functionality and it also allows you to share your scores, stats, photos and comments live with your friends on and off the golf course. The Golf GameBook is a great way to bring the social aspect back to a game of golf and you can even do a spot of fun betting within the app too.

Samsung GALAXY S4 golf apps

Golf Digest – Course Critic

Free - get it here

Given that there are thousands of courses around for golfers to enjoy, an app that allows you to rate them is an essential bit of kit. Golf Digest is the best course critic around

Offering you the ability to rate courses you have played on and view what others think of golf courses the world over, the app makes it easy to distinguish between the good and bad places to play.

It also offers phone numbers for courses, the ability to find courses nearby and you can even make a wishlist. Although this is geared towards the US market, there has been a lot of golf loved fed into this app, so it is a must download no matter where in the world you tee off from.