The white iPhone 6 appears, raises questions in its wake

White iPhone 6
A plastic-backed iPhone 6?

Apple might be throwing yet another wrench into the iPhone 6's final design.

New images of a stark white iPhone 6 have popped up on Korean news site named Joseilbo. Not only do the images possibly show the next iteration of the iPhone in white for the first time, it also reveals Apple's next handset might have a smoother back than originally thought.

Unlike iPhone 6 dummies we've seen previously, this iPhone 6 sports a completely smooth back with an almost plastic sheen. The new handset also doesn't seem to have any clearly segmented breaks at the top and bottom for the antennas as the dummy model did.

Additionally, the flash is shaped as a vertical bar, similar to the dual True-Tone LED found on the iPhone 5S, rather than the circle we've seen on previous leaks.

It's possible this supposed iPhone 6 might just be wearing a case, and of course who really knows if the image is the real deal at all. Still, it's an interesting wrinkle in the iPhone 6's ever-growing rumor wheel.

Will the real iPhone 6 please stand up?

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The Apple logo reappears (credit: MacFixIt)

In another possible leak, the Australian MacFixIt blog posted images of what it claims is the back panel of the upcoming iPhone covered in a green protective plastic casing.

Sporting a much closer design to the dummies - down to the round flash and two distinct antenna breaks - this back plate may be part of the final production model of Apple's next handset.

We can see a new cut-out for the Apple logo, which has since been missing on any leaked devices. Meanwhile, around the camera and flash area, we can see a bit of the back panel's underlying silver tint.

Although everything lines up with the suspected design of the iPhone 6, it's hard to tell if the frame will fit the phone's all-but-confirmed 4.7-inch screen. These renderings could have easily been shopped together from iPhone Touch parts, so we're going hold off on calling it the real McCoy until we see it for ourselves.

Which do you think is the real iPhone 6? Fight it out our comments below.

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